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We are the preferred transformation partner for electric mobility that benefits the planet.

Cathode materials

Umicore has specialised in cathode materials since 1999. At that time, they were made for customers in Asia’s portable electronics industry. Nowadays, Umicore’s tailored cathode materials are playing a major role in the accelerated move to electromobility. We focus on next-generation battery materials, including very high-nickel NMC, low cobalt NMC, manganese-rich chemistries as well as solid-state battery materials technology. 

Cathode materials are dark-grey powders containing several metals such as lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese. They are the main component of Li-ion batteries, determining the amount of energy that can be stored in batteries. Cathodes are the most important driver to reach optimal performance, best cost balance and lowest possible CO2 footprint.

Umicore not only delivers a variety of cathode materials for electric vehicles but also for power tools, portable electronics and energy storage. Each of these applications have different uses, which require different types of batteries. This is where Umicore’s battery materials technology comes in. 

We sell our cathode materials to battery cell makers who integrate cathode materials with other components to create a finished rechargeable Li-ion battery. The demand is rising worldwide, with our production sites in Asia (Cheonan, Jiangmen) and Europe (Nysa, Kokkola) we help meet this demand. With ultra-modern and with state-of-the-art technology, our plants meet the highest quality, safety and environmental standards.

In order to pursue its battery process and product technology leadership, Umicore operates three R&D centers for battery materials in Asia (Cheonan) and Europe (Olen, Kokkola).