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The energy for generations

It starts with a single metal ion. As a resourceful company, we unlock the magic of it unlimited energy. Harnessing and connecting this power, we drive electric cars.

As a reliable companion, we move with dedication, while our talent and developments keep evolving to push innovations. From our laboratories, plants and partnerships to the everyday life, we lead in technology to supply the critical products for cleaner mobility.

We spur the transition towards a truly sustainable future with a zero-carbon economy. From locally embedded teams and facilities to clients and communities worldwide, our work makes an actual and crucial impact.

Together, we create the energy for generations. A huge challenge, but it starts with a single particle…

Our focus - Ultimate peace of mind:

We offer a varied portfolio of reliable cam products and services.

We believe sustained excellence boosts the performance that drives change.

We bring value through responsible and leading technology, innovative engineering and reliable supply.

We develop sustainable circular supply chains for critical metals.

We honour our purpose to limit carbon emissions and amplify the sustainable energy transition.

We guarantee proximity of talent and facilities in a worldwide network.

Our products. 

Automotive industry 

We take charge of the transition.

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Stationary storage 

We make the network work.

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Portable devices & tools 

We answer any challenge. 

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How Umicore's rechargeable battery materials power life

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