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Powering life, sustainably 

Life needs energy. Umicore Rechargeable Battery Materials helps supply the energy people need to experience life as they desire it, wherever and whenever. 

Today we are transitioning to electromobility. Tomorrow it will be commonplace, and people will be even more mobile and demanding. We provide our customers with the world’s best active cathode materials, enabling the transition to electromobility.

Our innovative materials are also used in other applications that improve people’s lives, including portable electronics, energy storage and power tools.

We combine a strong customer focus, reliability of product and supply, and doing business in a responsible and global way.

Our focus

Umicore Rechargeable Battery Materials is an innovative leader in cathode materials used in lithium-ion batteries for electrified transportation, portable electronics, energy storage and power tools. Within these segments we offer a wide portfolio of top quality Cellcore® products for every application.

One in five lithium-ion batteries ever produced contains Umicore technology. Continually evaluating and improving our products, we enable our customers to produce better, more sophisticated and safer batteries.

As a globally recognized sustainability leader we use responsibly sourced raw materials in our products.

How Umicore's rechargeable battery materials power life

We are acknowledged globally for:

  • Technological innovation & IP
  • Ethical sourcing and stability of supply
  • Highest quality cathode materials
  • Global production base
  • Application know-how
  • Closed-loop approach

Our business is built on four pillars:


We all want our portable devices to be lighter and our electric vehicles to travel farther. Umicore is addressing these challenges with innovative solutions that push battery performance to its limits. We stimulate our customers to do new things in new ways. Our unique technology gives them the confidence and assurance to move forward, reaching goals they never thought possible.


With more than two centuries of experience in metals processing, Umicore has been developing lithium-ion battery technology for over two decades. Customers count on us for a stable supply of the highest-purity materials. An integrated business model allows us to control our product from the receipt of raw material, through the precursor, and on to the final active cathode material.


We enable customers to stand out. Our application labs, development programs with key customers, and long-term collaborations with world-class universities: these keep us in touch with scientific developments, market trends and customer needs. Our applied-technology teams transform this R&D into tailor-made products and services for our customers.


Thanks to a global footprint, we are where our customers are. We understand their markets and challenges, listen to their needs and develop tailored solutions. Close to our customers, our people are swift, proactive and passionate about battery materials and their applications.

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