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We take charge of the transition

Soon, EVs will be everywhere. This mobility transformation impacts the automotive industry to a never-before-seen extent. For decades now, Umicore has been at the heart of the electrifying revolution, partnering up across markets in search for increasingly effective solutions. Mainly driven by growing transportation needs, the global lithium-ion battery market is expected to expand 30% per year. The target for 2030 is set close to 400 GWh. So, while cars need range, we as a critical battery materials supplier need scaling. Globally expanding and strengthening our network, we ensure the expertise and capacity to meet vital criteria such as performance, cost, charging time, life cycles and safety with a varied portfolio of outstanding products. Today, we are in pole position to realise the zero-carbon transition.

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Stationary storage

We make the network work

From grid stabilisation to residential storage, we are committed to provide specifically designed solutions. 
Our diverse products help to compensate for imperfections in the energy mix, improving the network’s performance. We support both industry and households to maximally profit from renewable energy.

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Portable devices & power tools

We answer any challenge

Since the start of Li-ion technology back in 1992, we have been a market leader in the growing segment of portable electronics – moreover, our innovations have also transformed power tool batteries. New devices require higher performance in lighter and thinner designs; our materials and innovations answer this demand.

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