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Portable Devices &  Power Tools

We answer any challenge

These days we are (over)loaded with digital screens. Our lives revolve around phones and tablets as they guide us to our destinations, bring us food or even help us find a suitable partner. New portable electronics demand higher performance and at Umicore we develop the cathode materials to answer this challenge. Since the start of Li-ion technology back in the early nineties, we have been the market leader in this growing segment – moreover, our innovations have also transformed power tool batteries. 

Our Cellcore® products fit any application, from ultra-high-density materials for premium devices to low-cost materials for more common purposes. We offer a variety of LCO grades, starting from an overall good performing LCO up to the next generation grades that combine improved cycle life, higher density and higher cut-off voltage. Our NCA and NMC platforms provide a variety of opportunities for blended cathode materials.