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Automotive industries

We take charge of the transition

250 billion dollars. That is the amount of money that has recently been invested in the electrification of our mobility. The next few years, we will witness an absolute turning point as nearly 60% of all new cars in Europe will be fully battery-powered. Globally, forecasts estimate the EV market share far surpassing 40% by 2030. Exciting times, and greatly challenging as well.

An important driver of this massive transition, is the surging worldwide demand of governments and its communities to limit carbon dioxide emissions. The minds are ready, and our roads are catching up too with the huge expansion of easily accessible charging infrastructure. Fast chargers take less than half an hour to get electric cars up and running again. Furthermore, driving range will increase as battery density rises. The stars align to ensure the joy of EV commutes and travels.

This shift in our mobility impacts the automotive industry to a never-before-seen extent. Performance, safety and quality must be guaranteed as they rapidly scale up their production. On the other hand, charging time and costs need to be lowered to facilitate the switch for the broader audience. For decades now, Umicore has been at the heart of this electrifying revolution, partnering up across markets in search for increasingly effective solutions. 

Today, we are in pole position to drive the transition to carbon-fee mobility. To meet diverse battery requirements for hybrid to full electric vehicles, we have developed a varied portfolio of products, addressing both design-to-performance as design-to-cost

Together, combining our unlimited commitment, we establish global growth within the planet’s boundaries. Sustainable, and reliable.