Energy Storage Systems

Helping to compensate for changes in electrical demand and improve grid reliability and stability.

Renewable energy sources are becoming more and more important in the world. They are considered to offer a way to end the nuclear, coal and oil energy dependency. However, wind and solar farms are facing one serious challenge, given by nature itself. The sun isn't shining during the night and the wind might not be blowing when people need energy.

Li-ion batteries are an important means to store energy. Besides the pure storage function, ESS helps to compensate the imperfections in the energy mix and improves grid reliability and stability. Consequently, this application will give an additional push to the Li-ion market.

Umicore is dedicated to being a trusted partner in this segment. Today, we are already collaborating with several academic partners as well as industrial integrators and utility companies on projects focused on grid stabilization, on back-up power and on home energy storage systems for domestic solar panel applications. We can fall back on extensive market knowledge and expertise within the Umicore group. For many years, we have been developing and commercializing electro-optical materials for solar panels.

We offer a dedicated NMC material that
we believe to be an excellent trade-off
between the different ESS requirements.