Automotive industries

The race for an affordable electrified car has begun and, together with us, you can be in pole position.

Increasing transportation efficiency is the best way to continue efforts to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is a primary culprit in global warming. For decades Umicore has been at the center of this most important revolution, teaming up with key players in the market in a continuous attempt to find the most viable solutions. Today, Umicore has the best product portfolio to meet the needs of the car industry: excellent safety, prolonged life cycle and an unbeatable cost/performance ratio. We are proud to be the trusted NMC-supplier to leading automotive OEM’s. The race for an affordable electrified car has begun and, togehter with us, you can be in pole position.


The transition to electrified vehicles has become a necessity rather than a choice.

Vehicles with different degrees of electrification are recognized by the market as being the biggest growth area for Li-ion batteries for the years to come. Now, Umicore materials can be found in more than 15 electrified cars that are on the market today.

Our early success is not only due to the outstanding performance of our materials. Also in fields apart from rechargeable batteries, Umicore has proven itself to be able to cope with the needs of the most demanding industry worldwide: the automotive sector. Umicore is one of the three main players in gas exhaust treatment systems. We deliver various materials for night vision systems, magnets, tires and paints. Finally, Umicore has the financial strength and up-scaling know-how to self-assuredly respond to the growth of the global market.


 To meet the diverse nature of battery requirements for
 hybrid to full electric vehicles, we have developed a
wide portfolio of products: NMC as the platform of
choice for EV and PHEV, requiring high energy, and NCA
and NMC as potential platforms for HEV, requiring high